what some buyers and sellers have to say...

“I first met Coley a few years ago when she was showing a property adjacent to our properties in the Angelino Heights area of Echo Park.  I did a quick ‘looky-loo’ of the house as she patiently waited for my personal tour to end. I found her to be engaging and cordial even as I admitted I had no interest in buying but was curious only at the price and condition of the home. I mentioned our conversation to my wife and she was interested in meeting Coley to see what she thought about our property. We are experienced home owners and buyers. We had a price (the highest for the neighborhood at that time) and only gave Coley thirty days to sell it.  She was not deterred in the least and found a buyer within a week who paid much more than our asking price!  We asked Coley to do it again this past month with our other property that had more challenging financing for any buyer or builder…she’s sold it too!  She is not just an exceptional Realtor/Broker, she’s become our friend who has proven to be honest, hard working and detail oriented with all the minutia of paperwork. If you want to buy or sell property Coley and her team are the best in Los Angeles!”

Richard & Yam Alvarado, Angelino Heights

"She was amazing! We started with someone else and searched for over year unsuccessfully. When we hired Coley she made it all happen in two months. What we loved most about Coley was her enthusiasm and opinion, which was always based in knowledge and experience and delivered with candor and levity - so important given that buying a house is so stressful.”

Brian & Tempany Donovan, Elysian Heights

"I've had the pleasure of working with Coley on two separate real estate transactions - one as the seller, one as the buyer. On both occasions I found her performance to be outstanding. She is sharp, accessible, creative, and solution-oriented. Coley worked tirelessly to smooth out any rough edges that cropped up during the course of the deal to ensure a positive outcome. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"  

 Marsha Perloff, Echo Park 

"Before my husband and I met Coley, we had worked our way through a dozen or so agents at most of the major real estate agencies in Los Angeles. Everyone seemed nice enough, but no one was able to get what we were looking for. About half an hour after our first conversation with Coley, she emailed us a batch of properties we hadn't seen, all of which could have been great places for us to buy. My first impression of her remains intact: she has an exuberant personality that puts everyone at ease, coupled with a keen understanding of how houses in LA are bought and sold. In the end, we purchased our home with Coley and can truly say that in her we finally found an agent who was completely savvy about the business side as well as the practical side of home-buying: she is pro-active, positive, and immensely knowledgeable. And now, two years later, I'm proud to count her among my friends. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to buy a new home or sell their current home."

Rebecca and Greg Van Horn, Chinatown

"We were the most indecisive, difficult buyers imaginable. Coley was so patient during the year it took to find our house - constantly helpful and available to help us sort through it all. It's rare to have a super smart agent who not only understands the market inside and out, but also has a great sense of humor, style and imagination. We learned to trust her instinct because she was always right on! She really is incredible - resourceful and experienced. We love her!"

Russ and Carolyn Friend, Los Feliz

"My wife and I found Coley by 'accident' while searching for our first house during the home-buying heyday of 2004. Not only was it our first venture into real estate, but we were from out of state so the California market really scared us! Prior to finding an agent, we drove around neighborhoods and found a cute house in Echo Park. Our call about the property became the turning point in our house-hunting adventure when we found a wonderful and energetic agent on the other end of the line (that first house unfortunately was in escrow). Over the next few weeks, Coley guided us through the myriad of decisions surrounding home-buying with professionalism and timely responses to all of our questions. We've been in our home for over two years and keep in touch with Coley for advice on upgrades, improvements, and the possiblity of purchasing additional properties. We highly recommend Coley for help at any stage of your own real estate ventures."

Ben and Emili Hays, Pasadena

"Coley was a complete delight to work with. She knows her territory inside and out, worked hard to find me a great place, and guided me smoothly through the closing process. And she did it all with a cheerful and professional attitude which put me totally at ease."

Rudy Zasloff, Glassell Park